Art Credits To Ashpeltt :3
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The Origin Of Anti Septic

Antiseptic Is A Remake, Or Corrupted Version Of Sean. He Has Black Eyes With Oozing Black Goo. Anti Was Made By Fans. When Sean Realized This New 'Antiseptic' He Started Putting Him In Videos. His Camera Of Where Is Face Is Would Glitch Out And Show A Corrupted, Nightmarish Jack With Pitch Black Eyes And A Killer's Smile. Sean Mostly Has Anti In His Sister Location Videos, And Now In October Everyone Has Exploded With Anti Fan Art! If You Go To A Sister Location Video The Comments Are Fucking Filled With "ANTI ANTI! OMG YESSS ANTI" Or Anything Like That. After Anti Septic Was Out, Markiplier Copied Anti, Or So He And His Fans And Made Darkaplier. Anti Septic Is Now HUGE In Jacksepticeye Anything. And Just Like Normal Jacksepticeye's Sam, Anti Septic Has Anti Sam. He Is Red, And Not Infected..

Anti Septic GalleryAdd Your Own Pictures Of Anti-Septic Here! Videos Or Fanart :D

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