A Good Husband is a 3D pixelated video game about a man who is not cared about his own wife. Eventually, the husband gets so annoyed with her that he kills her, then at the end ends up in federal prison.
Can I put my wife in there? Now THAT will be taking out the TRASH!


A Good Husband GameplayEdit

In A Good Husband, the player plays as the husband who does chores around the house, such as taking out the trash, mowing the lawn and cooking dinner. Throughout the game, the husband will experience several flashbacks, such as his wife ordering him to get rid of his trophies, his wife insulting him infront of dinner guests and his wife cheating on him. There are 3 alternate endings to the game, one ending is where the husband gets into the car and drives away and leaves his wife forever. The second ending is that he reaches his breaking point, grabs his gun and shoots her and gets arrested for murder. The third ending is that, if the husband does enough chores, his wife gives him a 'favour' (Oral sex)

A Good WifeEdit

In A Good Wife, the player plays as a wife to a different man, the relationship appears to be more abusive. The wife's chores include cooking dinner, getting beer and folding laundry. The wife scores more points if she cooks better food. If the wife is out of the kitchen for too long, the husband will scream at her and grab her by the throat. The three endings are the same.

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