The kids call me "Ms. Yumi" but you can call me "Aiko"


Aiko Yumi
Aiko Yumi
Vital statistics
Alias Ms. Yumi, Asian Chick Ms. Professor
Species Human
Gender Female
Profile statistics
Affiliations Jacksepticeye
Media statistics

Aiko Yumi is a character from the 2015 dating sim HuniePop. She is 28 years old in the game and is a teacher at Tiffany's University. Jack would consider her as his third favorite from the game.


Aiko is shown to have black hair with a part stuck up at the back, two strands hanging either side of her face and glasses. She dresses rather inappropriately, first shown wearing a green jacket over a white shirt, black tie, white shorts and high heels.

During one of the dates in episode 4, she is dressed in a purple top with red shorts and high heels.


Jack would find it really hard to reach out to Aiko through conversations and compliments. While viewing Aiko's first photo, Jack said she would be fired if she wore knee socks during teaching sessions.