Albert, Rachel and Susie
Vital statistics
Alias Irresponsible Mom (in game name)
Species Human
Gender Female & Male
Profile statistics
Affiliations Jacksepticeye
Media statistics

Albert Contiello Irresponsible, Abigail Contiello Irresponsible and Susan Contiello Irresponsible are a family of a mother and her two children who Jack doesn't play with much. 


The baby of the trio. He is young and usually gets killed first. By pressing shift you can eject the baby and he will go airborne.


Abigail is the daughter of the group she rides the back of the bike and helps the bike move. Press ctrl to eject her.


The Mother of the trio. Susie is the Ex-Wife of Bobby. She rides her bike with her kids and ties with Santa to being the character with the most extra characters.