Betty (Happy Wheels)
Vital statistics
Alias Effective Shopper (in game name)
Species Human
Gender Female
Profile statistics
Affiliations Jacksepticeye
Media statistics
Not to be confused with Betty from Skate 3.

Betty David is a character in Happy Wheels. She is an obese woman who rides a scooter. Her brother is Harry.


She is an overly obese woman. She wears a lime green sleeveless shirt and blue shorts. She usually sits on her red kart. She has short brown hair with a serious expression.


  • She was the first Happy Wheels character that was given a name by Jack.
  • Jack always complains when he plays as Betty.
  • Her real name is "Effective Shopper".
  • Some of Jack's favorite phrases involving Betty include "BETTY, YOU FAT B*TCH!" and "YOU SACK O' T*TS!"
  • Her job is unknown.