This is the place Jack is from. Everyone that comes from it is a Bossatronio/Bossatronian/Bossatron.

The place is probably somewhere in space and the land is green. Placed right above Ireland. The culture is a little like Ireland. We don't know how but it might be able to rain potatoes there ( you can also say spuds). We do not know too much about the place our ony source is Jacksepticeye


Bossatronians/Bossatronios are speedy and strong (+ 1 biceps) they have a high amount of BOSSNESS and twisty freshness in the nipple area. Humans would die if we had that amount of twisty freshness.

Bossatronians/Bossatronios often get an infected eye and there is a 50% chance of it getting septic. That is their only weakness. But whenever that happens their septic eye crawls out and they will have to visit their version of a doctor (over some time a good and new eye ''grows''), they will put that into a jar and they can keep it. Some people give their septiceye a name, the most common name is Sam. They are very friendly ''people'' and everyone is their own boss, EVERYTHING is peaceful. They do look a lot like humans but they are way too BOSS for that.


Their enemy (and the only one because they are very friendly '' aliens'' ) are the Billys. The official name of the colony is unknown.We do not know much about this colony but they are evil and most of the ''people'' have weird squeeky voices with a slight hobbit sound.


Bosses are human versions of Bossatronians/Bossatronios/Bossatrons they are just humans but they have higher boss levels and higher twisty freshness levels (also in the nipple area) they are weaker, they are supporters of the Bossatronians/Bossatronios/Bossatrons they do not have any special traits except the ones that were mentioned earlier.

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