Chase Brody is an alter ago made by Jack himself. He's an eager, playful, and energetic young man who runs his own side vlog called "Bro Average". His first appearance was in his own created video, "Teabag Edition | Bro Average'' or his new name version "Jacksepticeye Power Hour - Chase Brody.”


He adores success, good humour, and fun and does his best to portray these values to his viewers. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to hide his real emotions behind his performances. He despises to be seen when he's vulnerable and tries his best not to involve those he considers "innocent" in his personal problems.

Very little is known of his backstory and personal life other than his birthday (April 11th, 2017), friends, and family life. One of his good friends is Dr. Schneeplestein, who once saved his life. He struggles to make ends meet with his family and has an unhealthy relationship with his wife, Stacy, and her family. He can often be seen attempting to do his best reassuring her over the phone (despite what Stacy's sister suggests) and begs her not to take their children with no avail. When he attempts to tell the kids he loves them, they hang up.

As the home situation gradually worsens with Chase only growing increasingly agitated and upset, he continues to hide it behind a cheerful smile while in front of the camera. At the end of his vlog, he announces that he still loves his wife and doesn't want her to go before supposedly committing suicide. This is, however, followed by him opening his eyes so viewers can see that he is still alive. It is unknown if he intends to settle his family conflict or let Stacy and his children move on.

Video appearancesEdit

Chase's cap

Chase's cap at the end of 'TIE - A Game About Depression.'

On May 11th 2018, a video titled "TIE - A Game About Depression" shows (possibly) Chase by speaking about how he is only allowed to see his children at the weekends and referencing how his best friend is in a coma. The video later ends showing him drinking whiskey, crying and stroking a photograph. Before walking away, he places his cap atop the photo. His voice is also heard in Stories Untold; under cover of a black screen, we hear: "Jack... Jack! This is Chase! You need to wake up."

Toward the end of the video "Dark Silence," Chase walks around his house in the middle of the night, with only a flame as a light. He hears his kids screaming and goes to investigate. He suddenly finds what appears to be Antisepticeye, bathed in a red light standing in the door frame. Anti begins to walk toward Chase as he screams, "WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!"


  • Chase's side vlog "Bro Average" is a parody of the YouTube channel "Dude Perfect."
  • In Bio Inc. Redemption #4, Dr. Schneeplestein mentions that Chase has returned to his family, but it is unknown if things have settled.
  • His children's names are unknown.
  • He might have an older son named Trey.
  • In HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL! | Douchebag's Chick, Jack says the name Chase Brody.
  • Jack said in a panel that one of Chase's guilty pleasures are tea-bags.