Doctor Schneeplestein

Jack as Doctor Schneeplestein

Hendrik Von Schneeplestein

One of Jack's alter egos. He first appeared in The Jacksepticeye Power Hour #2. He later reappeared in Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition and appears once again in Bio Inc. Redemption #4. Not much in known, though, he may be on jacks side, as in the 4th Bio Inc. Redemption, he says "We need to save him, We need to save him- I need your help! Save him! Save Jackseptic..." A moment later, he starts off talking about Anti depressants, then stutters, and glitches around a bit, then says "We have to depress Anti -and- get him out of there!" More quotes pointing to this are, "I am trying my best!" Also when referring to Jack in the same episode he says "Nothing I do is helping! Nothing I do is saving him! Nothing!" If you need any more convincing, The quote that points this out the most, of all of them, is when Jack dies, Schneeplestein yells, "Jack! Jack, no! My friend! No!" Directly after this quote, Anti takes over the screen, and says that all of them are his puppets. So was this all an act on Anti's part? You decide

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