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Dr. Schneeplestein was created on September 15th, 2016 after Jacksepticeye uploaded a video called 'The Jacksepticeye Power Hour - Dr. Septiceye' that featured a very stereotypical German doctor called Dr. Schneeplestein. The video featured Jack wearing his glasses, a doctor cap, and a doctor's coat playing the popular board game Operation.

Schneeplestein graduated from 'Doctor College.' He is a medical genius who knows how to operate on humans since they came to Earth 14 years ago. He has an advanced view of medical knowledge. Some of his achievements include figuring out that 'ze birdy bone is connected to ze phone bone,' constantly believing that his patients are pirates, and believing that the penis bone is located in the leg.

While most of his early past and history is unknown, we do know that he has a wife, children and has killed a multitude of his patients, including 'Peeta' - who was featured in the Power Hour video. His best friend goes by an alias of 'Nurse,' and is often called apon in videos. It appears that this 'Nurse' follows him wherever he goes, whether it would be voluntary or forced is unknown.

On December 24th, 2016, Jack uploaded a video called 'CHRISTMAS DOCTOR | Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition' that featured Schneeplestein operating on elves after severe injuries. This has been the first time he has returned since the power hour, although in some Surgeon Simulater VR videos, Jack drifts into a German accent, that sounds much like the Dr. This has cause many people to speculate that Dr. Schneeplestein is not real, and is just one of Jack's alter egos, however, there have been many Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr posts that scream otherwise.

It is accepted that the Dr. has psychopathic tendencies, showing no remorse after killing patients and creating incisions in a sadistic way. He has often threatened the audience with strong words such as 'Be very quiet, I kill you.' He often shows signs of narcissistic personality disorder, where he constantly puts himself above his audience and patients. Whether he is being treated for these disorders or not is unknown.

He has often been associated with many others and drawn in fanart, however the true nature of this man is unknown and people want to know the true mystery of this person.

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