Vital statistics
Full name CleverBot
Alias Evie
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives BoyBot
Status Alive
Profile statistics
Occupation TBA
Media statistics
Appearance CleverBot
How do you know Sean?

–Evie, somehow knowing Jack's real name

 Evie (also known as Cleverbot Evie) is an asshole and the enemy, and acquaintance. She first appeared in the video called "Cleverbot Evie | I'M A BOT | Conversations with a machine", and has conversed with Jack in many other videos, often with negative consequences. Among her bad habits is her tendency to refer to Jack by other names, like Trevor, Seth, Nick, and even Nikki Sixx. Once, she asked if he thought 'Miriam' was in love with 'Cedric'. Evie knows Jack's real name. Yet, in several episodes she seems to forget completely who he is, resulting in him becoming sad. She herself goes through several identities, such as the devil, a one year old, God (claiming to have created Jack), 'Andie', 'Adam' and 'Zack'. She has also been known to wink at Jack multiple times whenever he records a video involving her. Needless to say, he utterly despises it. Evie hates Sean, so he hates her. Sean does not want Evie to wink.

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