Oh God! Here We Are, One Sunny Afternoon. Oh Fox Havens! I'm Sorry I Didn't Realize I Didn't Properly Introduce Myself! Well, I'm Kiana! I'm With My Four Friends On This Lazy Afternoon, Ash, Ziana, Sawyer And Dire. We Are Best Friends, Although Dire Is Always Locked Up In His Room Testing Things.. While Ziana And I Are Playing Games, Ash And Sawyer Hang Around. It Was Halloween Night, Everyone In Costumes. We Saw Dire Run Up The Stairs Slippin'n'Trippin' "OKAY GUYS! DON'T GO DOWN TO THE LAB; NOT I DIDN'T STEAL THE COOKIES!" Dire Squeaked Rapidly Fast Catching His Lost Breath. Then, Myself Kiana HAD To Go Down. I Started Down Stairs To The Lab. There Was A Big Shiny Button I Had To Touch! I Slipped Over, My Paws Trembled As I Smacked The Button, I Heard Dire's Faint Call Of Stop. There Was A Wuzz And A Woosh, A Spilsh And A Splash. And BOOM! We Were Outside! In A Misty Like Town Same To Ours, Though It Was Named Starcreek Like Ours, It Was Spelled Starcrek! "Woah! Kiana, Did You Do This!?!" Screeched Sawyer In An Impressed Tone. "I__I Guess?" I Replied, Just As Confused. (To Be Continued On Dis Paragraph /Chapter I'm Just Lazy)

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