Jacksepticeye has many quotes, but here are his most used or favourite ones!

Quotes Edit

  • "Move ye ball bastards!"
  • "LIKE A BOSS!"
  • "Jacksepticeye 2015 peace what love."
  • "Kill him. KILL HIM!!!!!!!!"
  • "You ungrateful bastard!!"
  • "Top of the mornin' to you laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to [Game]! " (Intro)
  • "Hello! All you beautiful people, my name is Jacksepticeye." (Old intro)
  • "Hey hey guys, what is going on? I am back for another___________." (First intro)
  • "Any form of criticism." (Directed at Billy) 
  • "SCREW YOU BILLY!!!" (When Billy dies, gets injured, or Billy kills him)(At random times when Billy is seen) 
  • "Speeeeeed is keeeey!" (In Happy Wheels, Turbo Dismount and Skate 3 and pretty much every game where speed is related)
  • "OH HI EUNICE!!!...... I LOVE YOU" (In Bully, whenever the female character "Eunice" passes by)
  • ''Calm your tits [Name of a character/person]!'' (Whenever someone is in panic, even if it's a male)
  • "GO BILLY GO!!!" (When he does a level where speed is needed in Happy Wheels)
  • "It'/Is too far. (When he fails at a spikefall in Happy Wheels)
  • "NOTHING STOPS....THE SQUATCH!!!!" (When he uses the "Sasquatch" in Turbo Dismount)
  • "OOOOOWWWWW PINK LIGHTNING" (When he uses the pink tricycle in Turbo Dismount)
  • "YOLO BITCHES!" (When he does something reckless)
  • "Blasphemy, of the highest order!" (When he makes a mistake)
  • "LIKE A BOSS!" (when he gets a difficult thing done)
  • "Thread the needle!" (When he attempts something that requires precision)
  • "When in doubt, Segway Steve!" (When he is doing a spikefall with Segway Steve in Happy Wheels)
  • "LOOK AWAY CHILDREN!!! (Covers web cam)" (When he sees something that is inappropriate for kids)
  • "GOOO JACKY BOY!!!" (When he starts a level with Mr. Dismount in Turbo Dismount)
  • "Flips for days!" (When Jack sees a character (in any game) doing flips)
  • "FUCKA YOU, GAME!" (When he has either outsmarted a game or when he is pissed off at a game)
  • "I DON'T WANT YOUR COOKIES!" (Whenever there is a creepy girl in a game)
  • "And a hop, and a skip, and away we go!" (in Happy wheels, usually when using Pogo Pete or Segway Steve)
  • "FUCK IT!" (When he fails at something)
  • "Look at this sexy beast!" (Usually in Kerbal Space Program, when he creates something he labels as beautiful/majestic)
  • "Hey Ma!... Ma!! (says what is happening while pointing finger at screen)! 'S awesome...! (When he sees/does something crazy going on in game)
  • "Well that does it for this episode of [game on screen]!/Well I'm going to leave this episode here! If you liked it, punch that like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS! Aaand, high fives all around! (does two high fives in the air while making high five sounds). But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes... IN THE NEXT VIDEOOO!" (Outro)​
  • "BALLS? I LOVE BALLS!" (When something mentions balls or when he does anything involving balls (As in circles))
  • "Limber, loose, RUBBER GOOSE!" (In Happy Wheels in a level where you have to move a lot, such as ball falls and jet falls)
  • "Slinky dink!" (When he does a Slinky-like motion in any sort of game)
  • "GO JACKY BOYYYY!" (In Turbo Dismount, when using his face on a character at the beginning of a level)
  • "STEEEEEEEEVE" (In Happy Wheels when playing as Segway Steve and he fails a spikefall)
  • "+1 BICEPS" (whenever strength is involved)
  • "TICKY BOMB!" (When he is playing GTA V and throws a Sticky Bomb)
  • "WHAT?" (When he is surprised or shocked)
  • "DON'T YOU DARE WINK AT ME!!" (Said when Evie winks at him)
  • "There are 2 types of people, those who like pineapple pizza, and those who are wrong" (Said at Pax South 2017)

Trivia Edit

  • Jack also uses the word "formidable" in normal vocabulary.

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