This gallery is dedicated to images relating to the alter ego Antisepticeye, from October 2016 to 2017. People screenshot these images from YouTube and are found from these sites: Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit.

Unlike the other alter egos, Anti has appeared more frequently compared to Jackieboy Man (15 times), Dr. Schneeplestein (3 times), Chase Brody (once), Marvin The Magnificent (once) and Jameson Jackson (once).

October 2016Edit

Party HardEdit

25th November 2016 and 11th January 2017

There are no Anti moments within the Party Hard game when Jack played it and are only seen on the thumbnails.


February and March 2017

Pax East Panel 2017 IntroEdit

March 2017


July 2017

Bio Inc. RedemptionEdit

August 2017