i am very sad about the happy wheels ending and im making this too learn how this article thing works

Hey dood I'm sad about that too! 3 years of jack yelling speed is key, all the way and SCREW YOU BILLY! is no more. Who would've ever thought that jack's Happy Wheels journey would come to an end. Oh well... He's getting into the Happy Room game now and it looks like Haaaaapy Rooooom might just be the new Haaaaaapy Wheeeels! As for the article part, I'm kinda a pro of sorts with that. Just tap create new page to start making your own info page! Tap edit page on the page yur on to put your own info into that page. You probrably know that already. I'm probably missing your point. I'm probably spewing out editing how tos where I don't need to. But I am crazy, so that's mah thang! I don't use the live chat, so if you want to respond to all this shit than ya have to do it on this page.

-Anonymous (but u can call me CrazyNatureDude if you want)

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