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Sean William McLoughlin (born February 7, 1990), known on YouTube as JackSepticEye or Jack, is an Irish YouTuber who does videos on video games and occasionally vlogs. Here is the biggest resource of information about Jacksepticeye that you will ever find and that anyone can edit! For more information about Jacksepticeye, click here.

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  • CoolStar1998

    I'm guessing you're probably thinking along the lines of: "There's no way she could've met Jack (as in the real Jacksepticeye) without proof... did she?" Well, on one hand, it could be seen as a fib. On the other hand, though, it could be seen as the…

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  • CoolStar1998


    April 16, 2018 by CoolStar1998

    Hey, people,

    Lately I've had an idea of typing up transcripts because I'm not sure what else to put (so far I've made the recent news template, the navbox with the other YouTube Wikis, and the polls template on the front page). I know I've already go…

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  • Sean 02071990

    Boss of all bosses

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  • BooperDooper63

    Favorite Game Series

    February 28, 2018 by BooperDooper63

    Top of the Mornin to ya laddies! I'm just curious to what your favorite game series played by Jack is. I mean, me personally is between FNAF Siter Location and Papers, Please. But my question is, what is yours?

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The new wordmark

I, CoolStar1998, current active admin, had requested for a new wordmark for this wiki. The previous wordmark was added by another user a while back (not sure who or what year) and it was black and green, so I thought of a new replacement.

I had the idea of having it identical-looking to the logo on Jack's channel with the septic tank beside it. Many thanks go to JoePlay (FANDOM Staff member) for making it. Hope you guys like it as well.

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