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Welcome to Jacksepticeye Wiki!

Sean William McLoughlin (born February 7, 1990), known on YouTube as JackSepticEye or Jack, is an Irish YouTuber who does videos on video games and occasionally vlogs. Here is the biggest resource of information about Jacksepticeye that you will ever find and that anyone can edit! For more information about Jacksepticeye, click here.

Recent Blogs
  • Aamil2911

    I have noticed that I grabbed attention.

    I want to know who all are going to support me against the famous guy himself, anti_septic_eye.

    These guys are my targets.

    Antisepticeye is always watching

    A fandom user

    I ain't a bully, fandom user. I am a guy wh…

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  • Aamil2911

    beware !!!!

    December 6, 2016 by Aamil2911

    there is a user who claims to be antisepticeye named antisepticeye is always watching be careful of him. he could be dangerous.

    Now that I my main mission is finished....

    Antisepticeye can't.......go on for long.

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  • Septicnesss

    Hello! I'm Septicnesss! I Have Created Two Pages On This Wiki, But I Wanna Make A Different Kind Of Thing On This Wiki ( Not Sean Related rip ) Although I Love Love LOVE Sean, I Wanted To Make Something Different! I Am Creating A Story Series On The…

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  • Septicness

    That Moment When..

    October 19, 2016 by Septicness

    'Fill In The Blank

    That Moment When....

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The previous poll showed Segway Steve is the community's favourite Happy Wheels character.
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