Little Inferno is a video game (that Jack played) about burning toys and other items. You get money from burning stuff and you use that money for buying more stuff. Along the way, people will send you mail!

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You buy a Little Inferno Fireplace from a company called the Tomorrow Corporation, you need a fire to be able to keep warm because global freezing is happening and the world you live in hasn't seen the sun for a very long time. The main part of the game is that you buy stuff from catalogs that Miss Nancy sends to you and burn the stuff you purchased, the more you buy and burn the more you earn, you have to buy all the items from a catalog to unlock the next one. In total there are 7 catalogs with 25 items on each, so in total there are 150 Items to burn. Many of the items do something "special" in the fire like change the fire colour or pop/explode. During your journey along burning all of the stuff, Sugar Plumps, your neighbour sends you mail and occasionally asks you to send her stuff. When you finish burning all the stuff you have to burn the 4 things you've sent Sugar Plumps "Fireflies, Magnet, Exterminator and Fashionable Sunglasses". You burn those 4 things together and the back "face" of the Fireplace opens it's "eyes" and your house explodes. You finally get to go outside. You go to the Tomorrow Corporation Building and go up the elevator seeing Ms.Nancy. You talk to Miss Nancy and after the conversation she leaves, boards a rocket and flies off. You go back outside and keep going down the street and over a cliff to find The Weatherman. You fly off with him over the smoke stacks as the game ends....


  • Jack really liked the game, he even played it twice.
  • He played again because it was the first series on his channel that everyone loved from the start to finish. And he also just wanted to play it again on his own. He said that he really felt something for the characters, especially Sugar Plumps (the love of his life).




Second Little Inferno replay