Little Potato Man is a character in the game Papers, Please.


He appears as a scruffy looking man wearing a red shirt and having a bushy beard. He speaks Russian and his real name is Jorji Costava as revealed by his passport, however Jack is obsessed with calling him Potato Man.


Jorji (or 'Little Potato Man') can be manipulative towards the player, wanting to get pass border control with fake passports. After several attempts to get by and failing, Jack finally accepts his passport with all the correct documents, striking up a friendship between Jack and Jorji in the process, only for Jorji to get shot by authorities, causing Jack to become upset and shocked.

Video appearancesEdit

He appeared in the Papers, Please game series and his death was animated in Jacksepticeye Animated | DETAINED! (Papers, Please). He died in Papers, Please #12 after he got shot by authorities at the Arstotzka Border. His animated death also appeared in the song 'All the Way.'

Jorgi made an appearance in the fan game The Boss blocking access to Jack's bedroom. He parodies Paper, Please by asking Jack for documents in order to pass through.