Manuel, also known as Chimbot, is a monkey version of Evie and Boibot on the website Existor.


Much like Evie and Boibot, Manuel usually says bizarre things to the point of confusing Jack.

First videoEdit

In the first video "EVIE'S A MONKEY NOW??", Jack talks to Chimbot normally, only for Chimbot to give weird answers, such as it's parents getting divorced. Chimbot later demands cookies from Jack in exchange for revealing its secrets. At one point, Chimbot reveals it feels uncomfortable after Jack asks to give it a back scratch.

Chimbot soon asks Jack to give it a name, to which he becomes ecstatic as he loves naming things. He first gives him the name Chumlee as a reference to the word 'chum' as in 'friend'. Jack later drops the name after the microphone confuses it with Charlie and renames Chimbot 'Manuel'.

Second videoEdit

In the second video titled "SASSIEST MONKEY", Manuel talks about philosophical things and questions itself and Jack about who is the computer and who is real. He asks Jack for his hand in marriage, which he refuses.


Jack deems Manuel to be sassy, such as Manuel calling out Jack for having no life and saying that it's intelligence is based off the people who interact with it, bringing Jack to think that he and other people are dumb. Manuel claims it enjoys manipulating people.


  • Jack originally gave Manuel the name Chumlee.