Pilgor the Goat
Vital statistics
Alias Goat
Species Goat
Gender Female
Status Alive
Profile statistics
Media statistics
Appearance Goat Simulator
I Am Bread

Pilgor is the main protagonist of Goat Simulator, Goat MMO Simulator, and GoatZ. She is a female goat and has multiple different appearances. She also appears in I Am Bread.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Extreme Strength Edit

Pilgor has extreme strength as she is able to carry large objects with her tongue and headbutt large objects far distances. She is even stronger as Ripped Goat

Elastic Body Edit

Pilgor has an elastic body stretching far distances, especially her tongue.

Goat Summoning Edit

When Pilgor is the Queen Goat she is able to summon other goats. She cannot choose where to summon them, they just fall out of the sky around her.

Demon Powers Edit

When Pilgor is the devil goat, she is able to force objects around her into a ball that floats in front of her.

Invincibility Edit

Pilgor is physically invincible being able to survive explosions, being hit by a car, high falls, and even being in space without a helmet.

Force Dance Edit

When Pilgor is Deadgoa7 she can force NPCs to dance.

Super Jump Edit

When Pilgor is Angel Goat she can jump extremely high.

Explosive Watermelons Edit

When Pilgor is Italian Dinosaur Goat she is able to eat any object she licks, eat it, and then turn into an explosive watermelon.

Parkour Edit

Pilgor has extremely good parkour abilities, such as wall-running and wall-jumping.

Shoot Food Edit

When Pilgor is Microwave she can shoot pizza. She can also shoot a burger, called Burg, as Burger Goat.

Self-Destruct Edit

As Microwave, Pilgor can self destruct. This does not kill her.

Spindash Edit

Pilgor is able to use Sonic's spin dash move as Blue Blur.

Time Freezing Edit

Pilgor can freeze time as Wheel Goat. Any contact made on a frozen object does nothing until unfreezing.

Sword Beam Edit

As Excaligoat, Pilgor can shoot a beam of blue light out of her sword.

Slow Falling Edit

Pilgor falls slower than normal as Angel Goat or while flapping her wings as Flappy Goat.

Flight Edit

As Flappy Goat, she can fly by rapidly flapping her wings.

Wall Climbing Edit

As Snail Goat, Pilgor can walk on walls.

Gallery Edit

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