Pogo Pete
Vital statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
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Affiliations Jacksepticeye
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Peterson "Pogo Pete" Spikefall is a character in Happy WheelsJack hates him because he is not as flexible as others. He is the rival and brother of Segway Steve and Bobby.


Peter was born on December 4 1980 in Oslo, Norway to Willy and Betty. He is the last out of three children, with Steve being born first (1969) and Bobby born second (1975). Steve usually helped with Willy and Bobby usually worked, so Pete was usually ignored by his family. But he was popular socially which gave him a cocky personality. Willy was in a plane crash which put him in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Pete went to college with Steve and Bobby. There he met Indie, Harry, and Santa. They all got on the game Happy Wheels but Pete is the most hated character because of his cocky personality.