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Here are some relationships Jack has.

His family Edit

Jack loves his family and he respects them very much. Every Christmas Holiday, he goes back to his family's house and has dinner with them. His parents are never seen (other than his mom in an Instagram video) but it is said by Jack that they are still together for so many years.

Malcolm (Mally) McLoughlin Edit

Not much is known about Jack's brother, who in his own words, "almost ten years older"[1] than Jack. He's an author.[2]

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Malcolm McLoughlin, Jack's brother.

Girlfriend Edit

Signe Hansen (Wiishu) Edit

Signe is Jack's girlfriend. They have a very loving (and cute!) relationship.


YouTubers Edit

Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier) Edit

Mark 1

Jack and Mark are the best of friends since the day they played together on "The Forest". Jack met him personally at PAX East 2015 and they slept in the same hotel but not in the same room. Jack and Mark later played more co-op games together and laughed while doing it. Jack is interested in Mark's personality and behavior when he met him at the PAX East Convention. As the years go by, they developed a great friendship and started hanging out a lot.


Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) Edit

Jack and Felix are good friends and they play games together during their spare time. Jack often plays, "The Forest", "Card Against Humanity", "Garry's Mod" and "Little Big Planet" with him. Jack first knew about PewDiePie when he saw "The PewDiePie Shout Out". Jack has met him at pax prime And they know each other well.

Marzia (CutiePieMarzia) Edit


Jack and Marzia never interacted at all with each other but what he does know about her is that she's Italian and she's Pewds' girlfriend.


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