Ronald Rump is the main antagonist of Mr. President!. He is the one that the player must protect in the game.

Role in the GameEdit

Rump is the fictional president of the United States and is a parody of Donald Trump. He is a billionaire who somehow became the president in the 2016 election (he probably bought his presidency). He is a narcissistic, cruel, and judgy man. He hates people that disapprove of him. He also hates foreigners, and believes they should all be imprisoned and killed in terrible ways, including being shot with bags over their heads and being fried in the electric chair. He is friends with the fictional Russian leader Rutin (a parody of Vladimir Putin)and also has somewhat sexual interests with him.

Rump also believes he is a godlike figure, relating himself to Jesus on certain occasions and even having giant statues built of himself wearing togas and holding his arms out in a praying like manner. Despite his cruel and childish ways, he is protected on a daily basis from snipers and assassins by his loyal, high-paid guard "Rock Hard" Johnson, who is willing to destroy things, knock him over or even catch bullets with his chest in order to save Rump.


Rump never speaks in game, but headlines speak about him and Jack talks to and about him himself.

"Why am I even saving this guy..." -Jack

"RUMP DEAD!"- in game headlines


  • If you hit Rump too hard or if he gets shot, his golden wig will fly off of his head, which will be revealed to be bald. This is a parody of the common belief that Donald Trump's hair is a wig.
  • The sniper that attempts to kill Rump in every level is actually Scorpion, a playable fighter from Mortal Kombat X. It is unknown why he is not a regular human like Rump and Rock Hard Johnson, however the Scorpion model may just be a placeholder for a future human assassin model.
  • All of Rump's personality traits are parodies of Donald Trump's real-life presidential promises. In the game, Rump has a giant wall built, a parody of Trump's plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Rump hates foreigners and wants them imprisoned and killed. This is a parody of Trump's plan to detain and deport illegal Immigrants back to their countries, and so on.
  • Jack thinks its funny when Rump's wig flies off.
  • In the game, Rump has connections with Russia and its fictional leader, Rladimir Rutin. This is similar to Trump's 'friendship' with Russia's real life leader, Vladimir Putin. However, Rump takes it to a whole other level, as he is seen having sexual interactions with Rutin on various occasions.