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When in doubt, Segway Steve!


Segway Steve

Steven "Segway" Spikefall is also known as Spikefall Steve, Suicide Steve, Steve, One Shot Steve, or Superman Steve. Steve is Willy's son, Pete's brother and Jack's favorite character in Happy Wheels. He appears in Jacksepticeye's Happy Wheels series.


  • The first time Jack ever used Steve, he actually called him Sam.
  • Steve is often used in spikefalls, and ball throws. When he dies, Jack will accuse him of not "trying".
  • It is revealed in Happy Wheels #39 that Steve is norwegian
  • Jack sometimes calls Steve "Stevey boy" when he tries to encourage him to do something.
  • Jack thinks he's the segway champion.
  • Jack often uses him in Obstacle Course where he should use Billy and Bobby.
  • Jack sometimes uses him for sword throwing
  • The first time Jack used Steve for a spikefall level, He called him "Mr Sam Segway".
  • Steve is the only character Jack uses in spikefall levels. This is because, as shown in Happy Wheels #2, when jack was failing at a spikefall, he put in Steve (at that time, Sam) and he won the level in one shot. This caused Jack to think of Steve as the best spikefall character and now uses him for all spikefalls. He used to use Betty for Spikefalls.

Family/Friends Edit

Biography Edit

Steve was born Steven Spikefall on March 12 1969 in Oslo, Norway to Willy and Betty. He was the oldest out of three children, Bobby (1977) and Peter (1980). In the mid 1990s when everyone was still young, Betty ran away from home and left Willy and the kids. Since Steve was the oldest, he helped Willy with raising the kids. In late 2000, Willy was in a plane crash which put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Steve, Pete and Bobby all decided they wanted to be stuntmen. So they all went to stunt school where they met Indie, Harry, and Santa. They all became a part of the game Happy Wheels. Willy decided to be on the game to be closer to his kids. He became a rope swinger and and jetman. Then that's where Jack met his favorite character Steve.

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