General information Edit

"Septiplier" is an acronym of the channels "Jacksepticeye" and "Markiplier" namescombined. It is the ship name for Jack (AKA Sean) and Mark. Fans started this and have made amazing (and rather disturbing) fan-art, fan-fiction, animatics, even video and photo "edits."
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(From left to right) Mark Fischbach and Sean Mcloughlin

Explanation Edit

The whole idea of "Septiplier," begun with the community of both channels. On their earliest collabrations with each other, their friendship began to form, starting the whole "Septiplier" delma. This can also occur to both men teasing their fans and joking around about loving each other has probably played a huge part in why this is such a popular "ship."

As of October 12th 2017 Mark and Sean both have girlfirends, Amy and Signe. They confirmed that, no, the Septiplier community did not "ruin their friendship." Sean stated in a Question and Answer livestream that, " went way to out of hand." This resulted into less collabrations then before.

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