Shia Labeouf
Shia the Meme Lord
Also known as Shia, Meme Lord, Meme Master, Actual Cannibal
Shia Labeouf or Hollywood Superstar Shia LaBeouf (as he calls himself) is the main protagonist/antagonist of Shia Labeouf Meme Master Dating Sim. He can be a hero or a villain depending on how you play the game. He joins the player's school and after arriving on his motorcycle, he instantly befriends you. There are 10 endings to the game, Jack has tried all 10. He will either go away with you to paradise or come to school and try to copy your homework, you can even go to the forest with Shia and then he will try to kill you as he is a cannibal, the longest ending is to go to his cabin and delete his Hardrive on his computer, he is upset and then you kill him and then since you killed the Meme Master you are now the Meme Master.

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