The Snowplow is one of Jacksepticeye's arch-nemesises, and a "antagonist" of Turbo Dismount.

The Snowplow is a NPC vehicle in the game, and what it's name suggests, it is a car with a plow attached to it.

Relationship Edit

Snowplow is usually the one to kill Jack when playing Turbo Dismount. This has lead to Jack proclaiming The Snowplow his mortal enemy.

While Jack has been known for hating the Snowplow, when using faces of Billy and other infamous celebrities, Jack has been thanking the Snowplow for obliterating these characters/celebrities.

Weaknesses Edit

  • The Bulldozer
  • The Squatch

Trivia Edit

  • Some have speculated that the driver of The Snowplow is Billy. Evidence to support this is that Snowplow shares the title "Arch nemesis" with Billy and that both have a deep hatred for Jack. Billy has been seen with Snowplow, but cloning exists in the Happy Wheels, giving their simultaneous appearance an alibi.
  • It is unknown if the vehicle itself is evil, since it has only been referred to as "Snowplow", which is just a vehicle attachment.
  • Its gender is unknown, but Jack uses masculine pronouns for it.
  • The Snowplow has been a theme for certain Turbo Dismount workshop levels, such as "Snowplow Hell."

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