Jack has said that he has always liked the idea of having a tattoo, and has said that he had always contemplating getting a tattoo, but had always put it off because of nerves and other factors that he hasn't mentioned. Currently, he only has one tattoo, but is planning on getting many more done, mainly on his arms.


Jack got his first tattoo on the 18th August, 2016 on the front of his right forearm. It is the Bold Hunter's Mark from the game Bloodborne, which is one of Jack's favourite games of all time. He had mentioned getting this tattoo before, in a game called Firewatch, when there was an Easter Egg of the mark carved into some wood. Jack then spoke about how much he loved Bloodborne and how he was thinking about getting a tattoo of that same symbol, which he later did.

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He has said that he has many other ideas for tattoos, especially a Shadow of the Colossus tattoo that he has mentioned on many occasions. When asked when he was going to get the tattoo done, he said that he was going to wait until moving to Brighton. "I think that it would be a good thing to christen the move with," he said on a livestream. It was unsure what this tattoo would be until later in another livestream, where he said that it would be the very popular glyph symbol from the game (right).

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