About Edit


The Escapists is a strategy game where you escape prisons by crafting items and figuring out a way to use them. He started playing on December 25th, 2014, and since then has become really popular series on his channel.

There are 31 episodes in total. It is unsure whether he has taken a break from the series or decided to discontinue, but he has not played in a while.

Prisons Edit

Here is a list of all the prisons Jacksepticeye has played:

  • Center Perks (Finished)
  • Stalag Flucht (Finished)
  • Shankton State Pen (Finished)
  • Jungle Compound (Finished)
  • San Poncho (Finished)
  • HMP Irongate (Finished)
  • Fanmade Prisons (1 down, 9000+ more to go!)


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