The Park is a horror video game first published in late 2015. The Play Station 4 and Xbox One versions came out later in early 2016. The game was developed by Funcom, a game company. The director is Joel Bylos, and the animation was by Gavin Wehlan.

Plot Edit

Lorraine, a widowed mother with a single son, Callum, go into a park, known as Atlantic Island Park, located on Solomon Island, New York State after it closes its doors to find her son's missing teddy bear. Callum dashes off, and Lorraine runs after him. She rides a ride known as the "Tunnel of Tales" which tells the story of Hansel and Grettle, which symbolizes Lorraine's relationship with Callum, as if they were brother and sister, who team up against the wish. While chasing Callum, she finds notes that reveal disturbing events that have happened in the park, and most of them mentioned the park's mascot, Chad the Chipmunk.

Episodes Edit


Trivia Edit

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