Wheelchair Willy
Wheelchair Guy
Vital statistics
Alias Wheelchair Guy (in game name)
Species Human
Gender Male
Profile statistics
Affiliations Jacksepticeye
Media statistics
Ow, my leg!

—Wheelchair Willy

Willy "Wheelchair Willy" Spikefall is one of the main characters in Happy Wheels. He made his first appearance in the first episode of Happy Wheels by JackSepticEye.


Willy Spikefall was born on December 10, 1948 in Oslo, Norway. When he was 18 he started to date Betty. He proposed to Betty when he was 20 and Betty Accepted. Their first child, Steven Spikefall, was born in 1969 in Oslo, Norway. Willy and Betty had two more kids, Bobby Spikefall, born 1975, and Pete Spikefall, born 1980. In 1995 Betty ran away, leaving Willy to raise all three kids. Steven Spikefall, the oldest son, helped his dad willy with raising Pete and Bobby. In the year 2009, Willy was in a plane crash flying to New York City, and that put him in a weelchair.

All three of his sons went to stunt school, leaving him lonely. Three years later, all of his kids joined Happy Wheels. Willy, so lonely, decided to apply for Happy Wheels to get closer to his kids and not be so lonely. He's famous for his daring rope swings over spikes and riding around in his jet in his spare time. He is 68 years old. His ex wife, Betty, currently lives in Seattle, so depressed she started to drink alcohol and she ate too much junk food and now she's very overweight, weighing six hundred pounds! Willy misses Betty, but as each year goes by, he remembers Betty less and less.