Signe Hansen (aka Wiishu) is a Danish digital artist. She is 5 feet and 3 inches, or 160 centimeters. [1] She is Jacksepticeye's girlfriend.[2] They have a very loving relationship.[3] Signe and Seán have been dating for 3 years now and are no longer living together in Athlone, Ireland, but in a new house together in Brighton, England. The first time that this was confirmed was on Tumblr, when Seán shared a post titled "'Living Together."

Judging by her videos, Signe seems to be a very interesting and quirky character to be around. Similar to Seán, Signe seems to be sweet and kind. Her YouTube channel has now hit 400,000 subscribers, and while she got a burst of subscribers after she made a video with Seán, they stayed for her.

Personal lifeEdit

Signe was born April 19th, 1995 in Denmark and is currently 23 years old. She has a few siblings who she's mentioned in her videos, including a twin sister, whom she considers her closest friend.

She has been very open about her experiences with anxiety and depression, especially on her Tumblr account, and more recently, in her vlogs. However, instead of seeing these things as flaws, she uses it to make herself a better person.

IMG 3009

Signe in September, 2017. Photo taken from this video.

Seán first met Wiishu on Tumblr, when he asked if he could use one of her pieces of art for a thumbnail on one of his videos for a fan game he was playing.

It's presumed they started dating a month or two after Seán broke up with his Korean girlfriend, as the last time he spoke about her as his significant other was around late April 2016.

Signe is now living a happy life with Seán in Brighton, in a new home.

Signe recently started a blog where she wants to write about her thoughts, experiences and anything else she wants to write about.

Video appearancesEdit

Although not properly introduced, Signe appeared in Sean's videos a few times: near the end of day one of his 'Jacksepticeye's Holiday Special' live stream as a guest judge, in the vlogs 'I'm Terrified Of Heights' and 'It Snowed In Brighton', and in the background on the way to Ireland in the vlog 'The Late Late Show'.

Most recently, she appeared in Sean's tour vlogs for How Did We Get Here? and filmed some parts for those who were not able to attend.


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• Signe made her first vlog on Dec 24, 2016. (